24 Good men and woymen, þys day ys called yn holy chyrch þe Soneuday yn þe Passyon; for bycause þat our Lord Ihesu Cryst 28 began hys passyon þys day. The Iewys and þe Phaiyees haden suche envy to hym, for bycause þat he told hom hor vyses and repreuet hor wyked lyuyng, þat þys day þay wer fully assentyd to do hym to deth. Oft befor þay werne about to haue slayne 32 hym, but euer þay were lettyd by drede of þe pepull; for þe pepull heldyn hym a profyt. But þys day þay knytten hom soo 111togedyr, þat þay nolde spare no lengyr, but algatys he schuld be ded. Wherfor, as þe gospell of þis day tellyth, as Crist preched yn þe tempull, þe Iewes spytwysly rebuket hym so foule, þat þay say de to hymselfe þat he had a deuell wythyn hym; 4 65 b and all forto tempte hym, || forto haue made hym to haue spoken summe worde by þe wheche þay myght haue put hym to repreue. And for he told hom þat he was Godys sonne of Heuen, þay wer about to haue stenet hym to þe deth; but for he knew 8 well hor malyce, he hudde hym, and 3ode from hom out of þe tempull.