Good men and woymen, þys day ys þe secunde Sonday yn 32 clene Lenton. Wherfor, as 3e haue ben bysy all þys 3ere forto make you clene and honest wythout-forth in body, now schull 3e be as bysy, forto clanse you wythyn-forth yn your soule; for þat ys Godys wyll þat 3e so done. Wherfor þys tyme of Lenton ys 93ordeynt only to scowre and to clanse your concyens of all maner roust and fulþe of synne þat scho ys defowled wyth, so þat 3e may wyth a clene consyens receyue, on Astyr-day, þe clene body of our Lord Ihesu. Crist. Wherfor Seynt Paule tellyth and techyþe 4 you yn þe pystyll of þys day and sayth þus: ‘Hec est voluntas mea etc.’: This ys Godys wyll, þat 3e be holy, and þat 3e con hold your vessell yn holynes and worschyp. Þen hit prevyth well þat he doth God worschyp þat busyuþ hym to clans his 8 vessell a3eyne þe comyng of our Lord. Þen schull 3e know well þat þys vessell ys noght elles, as Saynt Bernard sayth, but a 55 a manys concyens; hyt ys a trew vessell, || and a hole, and kepyþe truly all þat ys put þeryn, ynto þe day of dome. That day, yche 12 manis vessell, þat ys ych manys conciens, schall be openyd, so þat all þe world schall see what a man haþe kepte þeryn, be hit bettyr, be hyt worse. Þen wele schall hym be þat bryngyth þat day a clene vessell befor þe justyce! 16