Nancy has set up a carpet area with a selection of instruments around her: a xylophone, some individual xylophone bars, some egg shakers, a large rattle and a selection of beaters. She is in a bay area just off a reception classroom. Children join her to play instruments. As they start to play she listens and watches. Sometimes this is enough. Children play a little, they move on to another activity. If it seems welcome and appropriate, Nancy joins in with playing, trying to match her playing as seems best – either imitating by turns, or synchronising her playing. Jasmine plays a group of strikes on the xylophone; it has a clear rhythm and shape to it. Nancy copies it as closely as she can. Jasmine plays again, a phrase of the same length. Nancy imitates her phrase again. This turntaking continues for a few more turns. Then Jasmine varies it by adding in some drum beats.