This chapter will outline those components of the marketing mix which apply to events. We will first consider what it is the event consumer is purchasing, and then the price they will be willing to pay for this. We will then assess what impact the fact that most events have a venue has on the concept of place and distribution. Finally, we will highlight the detailed techniques available to promote your event. By the end of this chapter students will be able to:

The event marketing mix is the means by which the strategy and plan will be implemented. It is normally associated with US marketer Neil Borden, who is believed to have first used the term in 1953. The marketing mix is those components of an event which McCarthy and Perreault (1987) suggest relate to the factors the marketer can control. By changing the different components of the marketing mix, the event marketer will alter the nature of the final event delivered. The marketing mix is like a recipe: an event is the result of the blend of ingredients selected by the event marketer.