In terms of this distinction we might speak of dissociable and of participating parts respectively. Some wholes might be composed entirely of dissociable parts. Every single brick in a building might be replaced by another similar brick. Every single cell in a living body might be regenerated from other material. Each of us and, for that matter, the entire human race might (some would say) be dissociable parts in a spiritual whole that does not need any of us severally or all of us collectively in order (if we were replaced) to be just the spiritual whole that it is. On the other hand, there might be wholes none of whose parts were dissociable parts. There may, for instance, be some artistic masterpieces that cannot be "restored" even in the smallest way without visible loss. Again, there might be wholes some of whose parts are dissociable while other parts are not dissociable, a possibility that seems to come nearer the truth regarding many of the masterpieces that are said to be "restored".