Appendix to Lecture VIII could we then identify this substance? What would we mean by saying that lo! it was ourself? If our post-existence were of the same order, so that we survived death but could never recall any previous existence, how much satisfaction would any hater of the idea of death derive from the circumstance? I would not say that such an one should not derive some satisfaction. If his deeds and attainments had some permanent effect upon the substance of llim, that effect, ex hypothesi, would necessarily persist for good or for evil as the case might be. The metaphysical necessity might be of major importance. Provided, however, that the man's influence persisted, I do not see how it would matter to anyone whether his or some other persisting substance received the influence. Our concern for ourselves is too closely interknit with our memory and self-acquaintance to give place readily to a "substance" with which we are not .so acquainted. If it be said that there might be a chance that we would "wake and remember and understand", the answer is that such "memories" (at any rate if they were but seeming memories) might arise although there was not the identity of substance.