Divine Personality to say, have a close formal relation to co-spherical pOi11tS. Therefore personality of a higher order might fitly be compared to a sphere that contained the circles of human personality on its surface. I

This analogy must be admitted for what it is worth, but it may not be worth very much. It is not unusual to speak of lines being generated by points, and of volumes being generated by areas. Such language, however, is frankly metaphorical. We might hold, with at least equal correctness, that two-dimensional figures and three-dimensional solids are strictly incomparable, that a sphere is not made up of circles (although there are circles on its surface), and therefore that God (in terms of the analogy) would not be a self or a personality. His unity would be more than sympsychic by a whole new dimension of being, and even if he were a sympsychic unity it would not follow that our selves were sympsychic parts of the divine sympsychic totality.