This chapter examines each visual effects system in Maya and its important to remember that people can combine the systems to create more complex results. For example, the destruction of a building or similar structure may involve many different phenomena, including fire, smoke, dust, and debris. As such, people can combine nDynamic and Fluid Effects systems in a scene to create a single visual effects event. The chapter includes the following critical information: Applying the Create Shatter tool, Converting shards to nCloth and attaching nParticle emitters, Setting up fluid containers to interact with passive geometry, nCloth, and nParticles. It examines to create complex damage to the building by using the Create Shatter effect, nCloth bodies, nParticle emitters, and Fluid Effects containers. Fluid Effects containers provide many attributes to improve the quality of the fluid simulation. Although this is useful for particle of Fluid Effects interactions, it will interfere with the Shatter tools ability to give the surface thickness.