Maya nParticle simulations can create believable bodies of liquid, such as pooled oil or water. In addition, nParticles can recreate airborne particulates, such as rain, snow, ash, sparks, or smoke and also peoples can render nParticles with a wide variety of renderers. This chapter includes the following critical information: Emission and simulation of nParticles, Application of fields and passive colliders, Shading of nParticles to emulate water, smoke, and sparks. Note that nParticle presets add a shading network to the scene that includes a surface material, a volume material, and a particle Sampler Info node. These shading networks are discussed in more detail in the Adjusting an nParticle Material to Emulate Smoke section in this chapter. Creating a new Nucleus node allows you to adjust the Nucleus simulation for the new nParticles without affecting the water simulation are explained in the chapter.