Our Chairman can sometimes be located in pole position right at the front of the cortex of the brain in the part most advanced and most recently evolved. But he is active in other places too. He sees beyond the boundaries of the individual mind, linking with the wider world over time. His attention oscillates between inner and outer worlds as he fulfils a dialectic spiral between differentiation and integration, between seeing the ‘self’ as an individual and the ‘self’ as part of the interplay of life. His main respons - ibility is for metacognition, thinking about thinking, and integrating how the members of the management committee, middle management and the body interact with outside stakeholders to coalesce our sense of ‘self’ in the world. There are times when he doesn’t appear to be anywhere at all. We so often run on automatic pilot, following habitual routines. He is best at his job when things are quieter and conducive to subtle reflection.