This chapter describes the work of HEQC. An overview summarizes how the organization and its agenda evolved in the light of emerging priorities as they appeared to the Council and its chief stakeholders. The main part of the chapter then deals in some detail with the work of the Council’s two main arms: audit and enhancement. A final section deals much more briefly with the Council’s other work: the handling of applications for degree-awarding powers and university title, Access Course recognition, credit-based learning, the Council’s international work, and its role in Scotland and Wales

My first objective on taking up the post of Chief Executive in July 1993 was to raise the Council’s public profile. Having as CDP Chief Executive been instrumental, with John Stoddart, in creating a more widely ranging and potentially powerful organization, I was concerned about the momentum that had been lost even before I learnt on the grapevine of the new CVCP Chair’s ideas about a single system. I therefore looked around for issues with which the Council could identify itself. These were not long in appearing.