Portals are designed to be one-stop shops for all your information needs. For a listing of UK business information sources, that compiled by Sheila Webber is probably the best known (see entry 9, below). The site is well established, having been maintained since 1994, and has been built up into an extensive listing covering company directories; company profiles and financial information; statistical, economic and export data; market research; and news sources. Karen Blakeman also provides a listing of business information sources (entry 8, below). Both of these sites have been awarded the seal of approval of Argus Clearinghouse (https:// www.clearinghouse.net). It is certainly worth exploring the Argus Clearinghouse web site further. The site bills itself as The Internet’s premier research library: a selective collection of topical guides’. There is a heading for ‘business and employment’, which in turn has a number of subheadings, such as ‘banking and investment’, ‘business’, ‘economics’, ‘finance and credit’ and‘industry’.