XXXIV With regard to night-watchmen, guards and porters. IZ 3

[Part Two]

XLI On not giving two appointments to one man; on giving posts to the unemployed and not leaving them destitute; on giving appointments

to men of orthodox faith and good birth, and not employing men of perverse sects and evil doctrines; keeping the latter at a distance. 1 5 8

XLIII Exposing the facts about heretics who are enemies of the state and of Islam. 187

XLIV On the revolt of Mazdak and the doctrines of his sect; how Nushirvan The Just destroyed him and his followers. 190

XLV On the emergence of Sinbad the Magian from Nishapur and his rising against the Muslims at Rayy. z06

XLVI On the risings of the Qarmatis [Carmathians] and Batinis and their evil doctrines (may Allah curse them) in Kuhistan, 'Iraq and Khurasan z08 in Khurasan and Transoxiana ZIZ in Syria and the West Z19 in Herat and Ghur zzo in Khurasan and Transoxiana again zz 1 in Khuzistan and Basra ZZ7 in Bahrain and Lahsa. ZZ7

XLVIII Concerning treasuries and the procedures and arrangements for looking after them. Z39

in thirty-nine chapters and delivered it [to Sultan Malikshah]. Then he revised it, and because of the constant anxiety that was in his mind on account of the enemies of this dynasty he added another eleven chapters, and in each chapter he set forth what was relevant to it. At the time of his departure he gave the book to me. Then

after the calamity that happened to him on the road to Baghdad [in the year 485/1092], when the Batinis revolted and people suffered harm, I did not dare to publish the book until the present time, when justice and Islam have gained strength from the everlasting reign of The Master of the Worlds (may God Almighty preserve this dynasty in perpetuity until the resurrection).