Ubashi Khungtaiji of the Mongols and Sain Majig of the Uriangkhai, the Black Tiger of the Mountains, came riding from the Black Spring of the Khangai with eighty thousand soldiers to attack the alien Four Oirat. The eighty thousand soldiers crossed over the pass at Nalakhu Üker and came to Nal Khara Bürüg, and they sent four groups of scouts into the pastures of the Four Oirat, but they could not find them. Ubashi Khungtaiji drew up his men in three divisions, the good, the bad and the indifferent, and addressed Sain Majig of the Uriangkhai and all his other officers and said: ‘Now, men, listen to me. It seems that the habit of the Oirats is, that like a far-running horse or a guard dog, they snap at the heels of the enemy who has come into their pastures, but are not to be caught. Suppose we pass word to them and then go home? Men, that is my opinion! If you approve, let us go home. If you disapprove, let us carry on’.