Taking the two first types of agreement of plural federalism in order to accommodate in the political sphere a multinational polity-the recognition or absence of the national pluralism of the state at the constitutional level, which we will represent with the values 1 or 0 respectively; and the degree of self-government of the national minorities, which we will indicate on a scale of 1 to 4 (where 1=the present situation of Spanish stateless nations and 4=sovereignty comparable to that of the small states of the EU, like Denmark, Finland, Austria, etc.)—we may establish four scenarios for a future political accommodation of the Spanish democracy (the term scenario refers here to “potential futures” of a political system):

• the regional-autonomic (0, 1) • the federal-uninational (0, 2) • the federal-multinational (plural federalism) (1, 3) • the sovereignty-association or partnership (1, 4).