Nobody works alone. Th is book is based on years of practical experience in the corporate work

environment as well as years of academic experience. Corporate America tends to hire entry-level employees with a minimum requirement of a bachelor’s degree and two to three years of work experience. Typically, a bachelor’s degree is the culmination of four years of theory, lectures and academic research papers. Th e work experience for most entry-level employees usually includes temporary positions and other menial jobs that help students support themselves while attending universities. Schools and businesses focus on the cognitive skills that a person needs for successful completion of work. When employees enter the workforce, their greatest challenge is to blend the theories they have learned in school and the limited work experience they have in order to meet the needs and expectations of the organization. Th is is why it is so important to learn a practical approach to meeting those needs. Th is practical approach, centered on the soft skills needed in the workplace, is what this book is about.