Plan: Opportunities to use materials such as paint (including finger painting) and dough to support sensory exploration and ‘messy play’. Build on children’s interests and preferences and allow time for concentration and exploration. Provide protective clothes for babies where necessary. Children of this age will need plenty of opportunities to master the ability to clamber, go up and down, to swing, spin, slide and bounce. They will want to collect objects in bags or baskets, in addition to experiencing and handling an object. Now that they

Children between the ages of 0-3 need to experience their world using all their senses:

resources (a shipwreck in blue water; a crocodile swamp in green water, complete with foliage from the garden; jugs and containers to explore capacity);

these on the floor for babies to crawl over and for toddlers to walk over;

for example) and leave thawing in the water tray; • make feely bags containing items of different textures such as

feathers, shaped beads, and leaves; • hand/foot/finger painting; • add sand and glue to paint to change the texture • small musical instruments such as bells and shakers; • plants with a range of textures and smells such as grasses, lavender

and rosemary; • indoor and outdoor surfaces with a range of textures to crawl and

walk over such as grass, bark, rugs and play mats.