According to most predictions, Asia will become the main arena of international rivalry in the twenty-first century – a place where key decisions will be made concerning the development of the whole world. Russia, wanting to give credibility to its status as a great power, must strengthen its own position in this region through the intensification of economic and military cooperation and participation in integrative initiatives (APEC, ASEAN, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization). From the perspective of building a new global balance of power, an important thing for Russia is to form a “strategic partnership” with India and China, while maintaining the regional balance of power among India, China and Japan in Asia.1 The purpose of the multi-polar order promoted by the Kremlin, with its core located on the Asian continent, is weakening the Pax Americana. In the assessment of Moscow, Beijing and Delhi, a uni-polar world does not encourage peace. Security requires strengthening the UN and respect for international law, including in particular the principle of sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of states.