Dublin made building and salary grants to local schools established under the management of some important local figure. The principle underlying the original arrangements was that the national system should not be denominational. Non-denominational in this context had three connotations: (1) at the local level schools should be managed jointly by Catholic and Protestant persons of repute; (2) the line between literary and religious instruction was to be drawn sharply so that there would be no chance of tampering with the children's religious beliefs during the hours of literary instruction when children of all denominations were to be taught together (during the time of separate religious instruction - at the beginning or end of the day or on a special day of the week - pastors of all faiths were to have access to the school to teach children of their respective flocks); and (3) the result of the first two precautions would be that the schools would have a "mixed" denominational population and persons of the different faiths would learn to live amicably with each other at a young age.