During your time at college you will be asked to write many different types of assignments. These might be research papers where you review and evaluate literature on particular topics, such as gender discrimination in sport, or reflective pieces that ask you to consider your personal responses to issues, such as the use of sporting boycotts to sanction errant nations. You might need to write applied reports that seek solutions to real world problems, such as developing a sponsorship proposal for a junior sports event, or even creative pieces where you are encouraged to use your imagination to think about, for example, how it might have been to be a professional athlete during the amateur era. In each case, you will be given a topic or parameters for your paper, and the successful completion of the assignment will depend on the extent to which you have fulfilled the criteria. This chapter outlines the basic steps to begin the process of writing an assignment. It focuses on producing a research paper, as this is one of the most common, and most challenging, pieces of work you will be asked to submit at college. Having a clear understanding of the requirements for such a piece of work is critical, and knowing the process of good research will help you write effectively across a number of formats.