By the end of 2008, the ‘milk scandal’ was well known in and outside of China, and although Pengrui escaped almost unscathed, Zhao Lianhai felt he needed to do something more about the problem. He was concerned on a moral level, and he considered himself better able to promote the issue than most other people who were affected. Apart from his background in food safety, Zhao had worked in the media, and had some idea of the strategies that could best promote his cause. He quickly set up a website (jieshibaobao.com – ‘Kidney Stone Babies’) which aimed to increase awareness of the milk scandal. As well as providing a summary of the scandal and links to news articles about it, the website provided an online discussion system, a blog and a petition to the Chinese Government to recognise September 11, 2008 – the day on which Sanlu had admitted that it had adulterated its milk powder with melamine – as ‘China’s 9/11’.