Tipped off by a phonecall to the office, a National Weather Service employee turns on the Weather Channel and sees that an unprecedented storm front has suddenly descended upon Los Angeles. He immediately calls his supervisor for authorization to issue a severe weather alert. Cut to the supervisor who answers the call, turns on his television, and walks to his bedroom window to witness a funnel cloud form on a nearby hillside. Cut to paleo-climatologist Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid) and his team of researchers as they walk into the White House situation room, which is filled with televisions tuned to Fox News coverage of a tornado destroying the Hollywood sign. Cut back to the supervisor as he drives into downtown LA, steps out of his car, and watches several more funnels destroying the city’s skyscrapers. Cut to the employee watching television who suddenly sees his boss standing directly in the storm’s path. Cut to the boss who answers a phone call from the employee and gets in his car to flee. Cut to the employee who watches as a funnel picks up a city bus and drops it directly on the supervisor’s car. Cut to a Fox News reporter who has been tracking the storm. “It-it-it looks like some sort of huge, horrific, terrifying nightmare,

only this is the real thing!” he shouts into the camera just before being smashed by the wall of a building, flung by a global warming super-tornado in this sequence from Hollywood blockbuster film The Day After Tomorrow.