Dear Mr. Chief Justice, I have written this book for you. I am sure you would agree that there is

a certain irony surrounding an entire book directed towards a single individual-it certainly is not a wise tactic to boost sales. But my research in this book will have the greatest impact upon the Court if you take seriously some of my fi ndings, and then seek to correct the communication imbalance between the justices and advocates at oral argument. At a minimum, shifting away from the Court’s current rapid-fi re style will allow audiences to appreciate the serious consideration and measured justice with which the Court scrutinizes each case. Currently, the justices’ brusque exchanges suggest to audience members that a justice has already made up his or her mind and rapid echanges prevent an advocate from fairly articulating his or her case. While advocates, judges, and legal scholars will fi nd unique insights and benefi cial suggestions within this study, as Chief Justice, you have the ability to infl uence directly the communication between advocates and justices.