The education of Canada's 25 million people is the constitutional responsibility of the governments of each of the ten provinces and two territories. Provincial governments do not operate regular schools, as this responsibility is delegated to local boards of education in jurisdictions referred to as school districts, school divisions or counties. Federal government involvement is generally restricted to international representation, education of native peoples, operation of agencies which fund research, operation of Department of Defence schools, and indirect financial support for post-secondary education. The right of each province to control the operation of formal education within its borders is firmly protected, with some provincial officials even occasionally proposing that this control

extends to educational research. Funds for educational research are pro vided mainl y by the federal

government (especially by the Soc ial Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and in-house or contracted research sponsored by government departments), provincial governments (through in-house or contracted research) , the larger school districts, educational organizations, and some foundations. Because the largest volume of educational research in Canada is conducted by university staff and graduate students, the financial base of educational research expenses includes salaries paid from government grants to un iversities.