Introduction Education systems, nested within nation states, are everywhere coping with the challenges of globalization and technological innovation. We argue that, in Singapore, reforms to teacher education need to be understood as part of a general strategy to align the education system as a whole to meet the needs of a globalized, knowledge-based economy. We believe they point the teaching profession towards more promising and empowering directions. While changing conceptions of the work of teachers and of teaching, and drives to professionalize teaching will necessarily create stress and contradiction, coherent policy, adequate resourcing and innovative practice can limit strain. Career-and service-enhancing strategies, emphasis on opportunities for professional development, and encouragement to build productive partnerships have created a more enabling culture for teacher preparation in Singapore. This chapter will briefly examine the notions of partnership, pedagogy and professionalism in the context of teacher education, followed by a discussion of recent developments in Singapore. The final section of the chapter will examine the role of universitization and the prospects for the future of teacher education in Singapore in the context of state strategy.