With this in mind, the time and resources spent acquir ing, protect ing and devel op ing human capital is well spent. This means there is a need to lay down medium to long term plans to ensure the organ iz a tion can recruit the talen ted people it needs, who are much in demand, and that the devel op ment of these stra tegic ally import ant people is under taken so that capab il it ies are embed ded in the busi ness which will provide the busi ness with a compet it ive advant age. From the RBV perspect ive, the processes of devel op ment are also signi fi c ant. By devel op ing talen ted people, who can be avail able to take on bigger jobs as they fl our ish, the organ iz a tion is estab lish ing a valu able hedge against risks such as unwanted losses of staff, and the process involved itself is an inim it able, organ iz a tion specifi c attrib ute, which gives the company a compet it ive advant age.