The term self-care/self-management has become progressively more popular as both the incidence of Long-Term Conditions (LTCs) and the subsequent demand on health care providers increase. This chapter discusses self-management that is 'the ability of the patient to deal with all that a chronic illness entails, including symptoms, treatment, physical and social consequences, and lifestyle changes'. It reduces the number of seizures and improves other aspects of people's lives such as fear and knowledge about epilepsy. The Epilepsy Action Learning website provides a range of online courses and learning resources to help people understand more about epilepsy. The chapter provides available evidence about self-management treatment plans focuses on asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Self-management education improves outcomes and can reduce costs for arthritis and probably for adult asthma patients. Chronic Disease Self-Management Programme focuses on self-help skills for people living with arthritis.