Encouraged by the success of his 1950 tour, Russell set about arranging, through Julie Medlock, an itinerary for a short three week lecture tour to follow his assignment at Columbia University. By the end of August 1951 Russell's tour program was finalized and he wrote to Julie Medlock on August 27:

You will, I know, remember that the British Government does not allow us one cent of American money, so that if you should by any chance fail to meet me at the airport, complete with dollars, I should not be able even to telephone you, but I should have to wait there until such a time as the personnel had organised a lecture on the spot, plus fee. I am glad the Forum will run to $300 for expenses. One can get quite a lot of drink for that sum. I hope you will manage to get on with the Ford Foundation. If you don't it will prove they are silly cases. I do not know John D. Rockefeller III. The only one I ever met was II. I never had the pleasure of meeting I, which accounts for my not having a dime.