As we have seen, groups to promote professional development can be initiated in very different settings. At secondary school level, Teresa's teacher was meeting only his own colleagues from within the school, all in middle management positions and thus potentially able to act as consultants to their colleagues, to convey to them in their tum the further expertise needed. In contrast, the secondary group which discussed John and Dipak was representative of the whole school and a range of staff experience from senior pastoral care teacher to latest recruit to the profession. In the primary schools, Ivan's, Tony's, Don's, Michael's, Vic's, Dave's and Jeanie's teachers all belonged to groups representing two or more neighbouring schools, covering the whole age range of their pupils, and teachers of a wide range of experience (including secondary school intake staff, who found the discussions of younger pupils equally applicable to the secondary sector, as did the junior school teachers with regard to the secondary and infants staff's contributions). Attendance could last from five weeks to one year, details being carefully negotiated with each school involved.