Able children are an asset to a school, as any teacher will tell you, and for the majority of the time, a joy to teach because they quickly absorb and assimilate new information. However, they can present difficulties for both parents and teachers as they are often not the easiest of people to live with and can present problems at school. Keeping their motivation alive and constantly presenting them with challenge can be a headache for a teacher in a busy mixed-ability classroom. At times though, because a teacher in a primary school is under so much pressure trying to cater for the needs of all in his/her care, able children do not always receive the time and attention they deserve. In addition, the under-achieving able child is often overlooked because his/her performance may be on a par with the average child. They are not easy to detect and it is incumbent on the teacher to be vigilant to any signs which may reveal ability and then to investigate further.