The purpose of this final part and chapter of the book is to present recommendations for actions that may be taken by individual teachers, managers of schools and educational policy makers to reduce the negative stress manifestations highlighted by the study described in Part II. As the previous chapter summarised, teachers in the UK are generally experiencing low job satisfaction and poor mental well-being and are displaying a number of behavioural manifestations of stress (e.g. alcohol abuse and withdrawal behaviours). The costs of these outcomes are high for the teachers and the schools within which they teach, suggesting a need for intervention. This chapter will suggest ways of dealing with stress by:

• describing the ways in which stress management may be approached; • briefly outlining the areas that are a cause for concern in the light of the

results; • providing recommendations for the alleviation of stress in teachers,

drawing upon the concerns described in terms of strategies for (a) the teachers themselves, (b) managers of schools, and (c) the education sector generally.