We shall use the six-factor theory outlined in the work and model of Cooper et ale (1988) to examine the potential sources of stress for teachers along with findings from researchers working in the area of teacher stress. Needle et ale (1980) highlighted the stressors from job content, conditions of work, relationships with co-workers, promotional opportunities, financial rewards, resource adequacy and role in the organisation as categories of stress. Four categories identified by Kyriacou and Sutcliffe (1978a) were: pupil misbehaviour, poor working conditions, time pressure and poor school ethos. Cox (1977) referred to stress resulting from training and career development, the nature of the work and the physical work environment" subsystems in the school organisation, and relationship between the

Figure 3.1 A model of occupational stress Source: Cooper et ale (1988). Reproduced by permission of Penguin Books Ltd. school and the community. On a broader level, Wanberg (1984) presented the categories consisting of societal, institutional, and personal sources of stress.