In this chapter we w i l l report on some o f the findings f rom a study o f undergraduate students' beliefs and attitudes regarding A IDS carried out in late 1986 and early 1987. The f ieldwork was carried out at Christ Church College, Canterbury — a college o f higher education w i t h a strong commitment to the education and training o f teachers. In October 1986 an issue o f Christ Church College Students' U n i o n newspaper appeared which carried a four-page article entitled 'Everything you've ever wanted to know about contraception but never dared to ask'. The article surveyed commonly used forms o f contraception, identified their advantages and disadvantages and concluded w i t h the fo l lowing word o f warning:

Because o f the large ratio o f women to men at this college there's always going to be a certain amount o f men (though by no means all) whose one aim is to sleep w i t h as many women as possible. They are, o f course, very good at sweet talking women into believing that they are special, when really all they want is a good bonk, then 'goodbye', no ties, no tomor row. So beware, remember the best form o f contracept ion is the wo rd ' N O ' — this is more effective when used at the bar, rather than in the bedroom.