Early Life Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena, Italy, on February 18, 1898. Traditionally, his family had been employed as metalworkers, and his father, Alfredo Ferrari, ran a small foundry that produced equipment for the Italian railroad. Enzo lived with his father and mother, Adalgisa, and his elder brother in quarters above the factory. Sharing his father's and brother's interest in cars, Ferrari attended his first race, the Targa Bologna, in 1908 when he was ten, and he was duly impressed. His father wanted him to go into engineering, but Enzo had little interest in school. He completed his studies at the Modena technical high school in 1916 when he was eighteen, but, in the same year, both his father and brother died in World War I. The next year, Ferrari was drafted into the Italian army, but, never as healthy as his robust six-foot, three-inch frame might indicate, he became ill after a few months, underwent surgery at the military hospital at Brescia, and was later discharged from service.