Political upheaval s an d th e horror s o f evi l pervade th e grim , sensua l A Bright Room Called Day, bu t death dominates Kushner's next play, Hydriotaphia, or The Death of Dr. Browne, subtitled "An Epic Farce About Death and Primitive Capital Accumulation." Kushner wrot e the play in 1987 , but i t underwent a significan t revision prio r t o it s first professiona l production s a decade later . Kushner fre - quently points out that "the moments in history that interest me the most are of transition" (Made r 1) , somethin g h e vividl y demonstrate s i n Bright Room. Kushner locate s anothe r historica l transitio n i n Hydriotaphia —one somewha t more obscure but, in its own way, n o less important.