Kushner frequently caution s against viewing his characters as mouthpieces of the author , althoug h man y o f hi s play s from Angels to Caroline, or Change, include bits of his autobiography and politics-Kushner, however, sprinkles bits of his own life over the fictive elements of Undoing World. What Undoing World may or may not ultimatel y evolve into remains unclear , but a s it now stands i t not onl y offer s bit s o f autobiography , bu t suggest s ampl e opportunitie s fo r a fuller developmen t o f the characters , the play' s centra l concerns , and the richl y textured an d complex web of fantasy an d realit y Kushner weaves into many of his plays. Undoing World depicts the immigrant experience , from the highly personal suffering s o f thos e wh o journeye d t o America' s shore s i n th e lat e nine - teenth century to the shaping of the immigrant generation' s intellectual , moral, and politica l foundation s o f twentieth-centur y liberalis m resultin g from thei r extraordinary experiences.