The status of intelligence in LD is crucial, but it has also been problematic. This is evident, first, in the relationship between LD and MR. MR has been defined as subaverage performance on a test of intellectual ability. Although the cutoff point for classification has changed over time, IQ scores 25-30 points below average have historically been considered the point where MR begins. On the surface, these depressed IQ's should have little bearing on LD, because, at least by definition, LD has been associated with average intelligence (~ 90). There are two problems, however, with the assumption that LD is associated with average IQ levels. First, surveys have demonstrated that 10% to 40% of LD samples are below this criterion. Second, there has been a persistent call for the abandonment of the average-IQ criterion for LD. This suggestion is based on the assertion that LD can occur at any IQ level.