To sum up Year 2 briefly, TeleTOP's primary tasks - to prepare the faculty so that the new educational approach could be fully in operation at the start of September 1998 and would run smoothly throughout the year, incorporating new forrns of student activity and flexibility into all of its first-year courses - were successfully executed. The entire first-year programme in our faculty (21 courses or independent portions of courses), as well as 4 additional courses at the secondand third-year levels, ran during the September 1998 to June 1999 period using TeleTOP-based course-support environments and reflecting in different ways a move towards the U Approach (Chapter 5) and new forrns of student activity. There were as many working students attending physically only once per two weeks as there were the traditional on-campus students. All of the TeleTOPsupported courses operated under the 'one course, adapt within approach' . There was little drop-out among the working students, a strong difference from the faculty's earlier attempts at offering an evening and Saturday version of its programme as an approach to dealing with working students who needed time flexibility (Van Rennes, 1998). Thus, our specific goals of making our programme ready for the new cohort of students via more-flexible courses, but without the instructors having to teach the same course twice, were met.