All the measures which help the soldier to resist and endure the pressures of combat have been discussed already. It is now necessary to summarize them and to compare their relative importance. A diagram is used to depict this summary. The pressures were depicted by a 'Cloud*. The counter-measures will be shown symbolically by a 'Star of Courage'. It shines brightly and guides the soldier on his way through the chaos of battle. Occasionally the 'Star' is partly or totally obscured by the dark 'Cloud'. The brightest, and most important part of the star is group integration (chapter 8). If the group is the right size and has sufficient time to grow together under relevant external pressure, cohesion will be achieved and in its wake will grow a group ethic which no member will dare to violate. The group then becomes the focal point in their lives, so much so, in fact, that it hardly matters any more where it is deployed, be it at home or abroad, or for what it is fighting, be it communism or democracy.