Dr. Davy considers that the soils on the table-land and Sweet Bottonl arose from the subsidence of drift-matter, brought by the currents when these parts were lying at a considerable depth in the ocean. He observes, that the red soil of the higher grounds presents itself at heights where it could not be brought after the ground on which it rests, namely, coral and shell limestone, was raised from t.he depths of the sea, because there is no higher ground near from which it could have been conveyed by the action of water. Dr. Davy describes a hill, the sumnlit of which consists entirely of red clay, near Horse Hill, and there is another near Sugar Hill. Barbados does not offer a singular instance of red soil resting on coral limestone, \vhich SOUle geologists suspect to be the residue of the limestone exposed for ages to the dissolving action of rainwater.