The Carding Engine was not invented at once, nor by any particular indivi dual, but was the result of a succession of improvements, made at various times, and by different persons. In this machine a wooden cylinder, covered with cards, turning on an horizontal axis, revolves immediately under a concave cover; this cover is also lined with cards, and the teeth of the cards on the cylinder and of those on the cover, are nearly in contact. Originally, the cotton was spread upon the cylinder, and the cylinder by its revolutions carded the cotton against the teeth on the cover: the cotton was then taken off the cylinder by hand cards held against it. A great improvement was afterwards made by adding a second cylinder, which took the cotton off the first as fast as it was carded, and a roller, fluted longitudinally, and turning on an horizontal axis, pressed against this second cylinder and rubbed off the carded cotton in stripes. The inventor and improver of this machine are unknown.