GENERALLY speaking, rabbits are 'a nuisance on a property, and should be kept down to the lowest limits. They are a constant source of annoyance to the farmer, and a cause of expense to the proprietor who plants. They do great damage to young trees, and unless the keepers are very energetic in trapping them, a few rabbits in hard weather will soon spoil a plantation. The only sure method is netting, but this is an expensive means of limitation, so that it is questionable whether bunny is worth his meat. Some farmers are curiously inconsistent: for instance, it has come within my notice that on an arable farm, where orders had been given to kill down all the rabbits, the grumbling farmer complained that they were being killed down too quickly, and that he could not get as much as a rabbit for his house. Farmers were not content till the law was altered to give them compensation for damage by game, and now that they have got the rabbit kept down, they complain of its scarcity. Another strong objection urged against the rabbit is that it draws poachers.