The funeral paraphernalia of the Egyptian King Tutankhamen, one of the famous heretic kings of the XVIIIth Dynasty, who reverted to Amen worship. Tutankhamen became the fashion, and leaped at once into greater prominence than ever enjoyed during the short and not particularly glorious reign. The features of the throne is highly suggestive of the conditions of Tutankhamens reign. Historically, no new facts have emerged from the tomb of Tutankhamen. The art of the tomb is strictly for the time of the king with whose burial it is associated, and that its quality is all of the supreme standard which has been attributed to it, the net result would be the shifting of the apex of the curve a matter of thirty or thirty-five years, a small thing when one can dealing with an art whose history is written in millenniums. But it seems likely that even this is more than people need necessarily assume.