The is based on the photographic reproduction and transcription of the Mawangdui medical manuscripts in MWD, vol. 4. MWD, vol. 4, assigns column (C) or slip (5) numbers to all of the manuscripts (the numbers appear both in the transcription and the photographic reproduction, excepting MSII and MSV). I provide column or slip numbers for each entry in the texts in parentheses at the beginning of the entry. Citations to MWD, vol. 4, "Transcription," are to the appropriate columns or slips in the transc~ption portion of MWD, vol. 4-

Because MWD, vol. 4, does not take account of the editions of MSI.B, MSI.C, and MSI.D in the Zhangjiashan Maishu, I have made a new transcription of the three texts in AppendiX I. I explain my transcription method there, but I would like to note here that I do not attempt to produce a collated edition of the texts in question. Rather, I have used the more complete Maishu editions to fill lacunae in the MSI editions (MWD, vol. 4, "Transcription," resorts to filling many of the lacunae in MSI.B based on text parallels in Lingshu 10). I trust that the transcription in Appendix I is a fairer representation of the texts.