W njong, who had sent his eldest son to Beijing as a hostage, refused to comply with Im Y n's demand for a resumption of hostilities so he was removed from the throne and replaced by his younger brother. When news of this reached Beijing the Mongols returned in force with the crown prince and under strong threats from their envoys W njong was restored and eventually moved his court to Kaes ng. The Three Special Forces, now led by Pae Chung-son and Kim T'ong-j ng, refused to leave the island, and having appointed another royal relative, Wang On, as their King continued as an antiMongol government in exile. The prospect of a Mongol assault made them less popular on the island but their cause still had strong support in the south so they gathered an armada of about a thousand boats and with their wives and families sailed off to Chindo, largest of the islands off the south-west corner of Ch lla.