AI-Dabbagh turns now to discuss the definition of love, considered by him a station (maqam), and its reality (~aqiqa). The views on both issues vary, for each person expresses his opinion according to his mystical experience (lit. tasting dhawq). However, no one completely perceives the reality of love, and whoever among the people of truth

(ahl al-taJ;qiq) reaches some portion of it, addresses the people only through allusions. The reality of love is too lofty to be conveyed by words.7 Notwithstanding, al-Dabbagh cites some sayings with the qualification that they are only allusions. For example al-I:Jallaj says: 'Love is your existence with your beloved by removing your qualities, for the totality of the lover's essence fits the totality of the beloved's essence, the lover's absence is identical to the beloved's absence and so with regard to their existence.' Others say: 'Love is the happiness of the heart caused by looking at the beloved's beauty.' 'The reality of love (or the real meaning of love) is that you should efface from your heart everything except your beloved.' 'Love means that you must give yourself absolutely to your beloved, and then nothing remains for you.' 'One does not express truly the reality of love unless one leaves the looking at love and adheres to looking at the beloved.'8