In this chapter we are concerned pr imar i ly wi th clauses introduced by a subordinat ing conjunct ion and conta in ing a finite verb. M u c h o f our discussion is also relevant to construct ions invo lv ing a preposi t ion + an infinitive ( Th i s is because o f the large degree o f lexical overlap, i n the Cata - lan case, between adverbs (such as sense 'wi thout ' , abans 'beforehand', despres 'afterwards' , see Chapter 13), preposit ions (such as sense 'wi thout ' , o r c o m p o u n d preposit ions such as abans de 'before', despres de 'after', see C h a p - ter 14), a n d adverbial conjunctions (such as sense que 'wi thout that', abans que 'before', despres que 'after', see Chapter 15).