The forms of the subjunctive m o o d are widely used i n Ca ta lan , and the principles governing their use are not always easy to grasp, at least for speakers o f E n g l i s h w h i c h has noth ing really comparable. Var ious areas and instances o f use o f the subjunctive are covered elsewhere i n relation to part icular g rammat ica l features (such as Chapter 15, conjunctions; Chapter 17, contrasts w i t h the indicative m o o d ; Chapter 26, negation; Chapter 28, negative imperatives; Chapter 31, relative clauses; Chapter 32, complement clauses; Chapte r 33, adverbial clauses; Chapter 34, condi t iona l sentences). Th i s central chapter is thus to be read in conjunct ion wi th the other chapters or sections referred to.