While postmodern culture has contributed to the dissolution of all opposition to the latest and most rampant force for environmental destruction-global capitalism dominated by transnational corporations and financial institutions, and controlled by a new international bourgeoisie-it has exposed some of the most basic cultural structures on which Western European civilization in general and modernity in particular have been based. This has provided the conditions for a radical critique of Western civilization. However, despite the insights which have been gained, and despite some effort to develop a new political philosophy, those engaged in this critique, the poststructuralists, have not provided the means to come to terms with the situation confronting us. What is required is a new postmodernism which not only negates the cultural forms of modernity, but which can replace these forms. In the previous chapter it was argued that the development of postmodern science based on process philosophy, a philosophy which supports poststructuralist or postmodernist attacks on the reification of abstract entities, could provide the foundation for such a cultural movement.