Strategy is an organizational activity that has historically been in control of the senior management of the organization. Senior management, as the statistics will bear out, is dominated by middle-aged men. The elitism of strategy has meant that decisions, which not only affect everyone in the organization but often society, remain in the hands of the few. The few do not represent the whole and yet we are at the mercy of those decisions and as some of the recent failures of the dotcoms and organizations such as Enron highlighted, decisions taken are not always for the better. It is in the interest of the elite to maintain the myth that strategy can only be engaged in by the few. If, however, we follow the advice of Whittington (2004) and perceive strategy as any other social activity in which everyone participates, the myth will disappear and the house of cards will come tumbling down. The demystification of strategy will also mean the inclusion of all and the recognition and acceptance of diverse perspectives and ideas.